Cyhi The Prynce fooled everyone. After releasing his "Elephant In the Room" track last week, Cyhi has finally explained his true intentions for the track, and what he was trying to do. If you missed it, the song included CyHi rapping about kidnapping Kanye West and his displeasure with Def Jam Records over the way the label used him. CyHi also took shots at other GOOD Music members, including Pusha T on the song, with lines about how his music was crap.

It all appears to have been for attention though, as CyHi recently told HNHH that it was actually Kanye who came up with the concept for the track, and gave him the beat for the song. "He [Kanye] said he wanted to do like a Dre/Em feel, and I just felt like addressing the elephant in the room," CyHi clarified. He also said that Pusha was in there when they talked about making the record. As for the Def Jam situation, CyHi said he asked for his release from the label because they didn't know how to use him, but that he is still a member of G.O.O.D Music. Read his full interview here