How much Drake is too much Drake? Mathematically speaking, there is simply no such thing. However, a former gospel radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina is attempting to push the limits of 6 Godliness by playing nothing but Drake and Drake-related tracks. That's all Drizzy, all the time.

That means, for those still into waiting impatiently by an actual radio to hear songs they actually like, the chance of accidentally hearing another f:)cking Iggy Azalea verse or some bullsh:)t Tyga feature has gone from a heart-stopping 99.9 percent to a calm-inducing zero percent thanks to the awesomely jarring change in format for WQNC 92.7. The station, clearly cornering the All Drake Everything format, has been known as Drake 92.7 for the past twenty or so hours and thankfully shows no signs of slowing down or returning to, say, whatever gospel music is or shifting format again to become another Iggy Tygazalea supernova of "Where the f:)ck is the aux cord?"

Before the speculation muscles flex too wildly, just know that multiple outlets have already debunked the "What if Drake bought the station?" conspiracy theory. Drake is Canadian, doofus, meaning he couldn't legally buy it even if he (albeit hilariously) wanted to do so. Drake 92.7 is also teasing some sort of announcement for this forthcoming Monday, with 24 Urban speculating that the station is simply using the Drake marathon to gain publicity traction ahead of a permanent format shift.

Systematically better the weekend by tuning in now to Drake 92.7.