All summer, Carly Rae Jepsen has been teasing her new album EMOTION with bombastic drops of pop in songs like "Run Away With Me," the Sia-penned "Making The Most Of The Night" or the hit-in-waiting "Warm Blood" produced and co-written by Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij. While we recently sat down the singer to uncover why it took so long for her to follow up her runaway hit "Call Me Maybe" to create her moodiest and best album yet, you can now hear the album in full for yourself.

Like the nostalgia-induced singles that came before, EMOTION delivers pure pop pleasure as Carly dives deeper into her 80's childhood with a John Hughes'-washed rush of lovelorn lyrics and twinkling-in-the-night synths that could satiate the Pretty In Pink​ princess on tracks like "All That" and "Your Type" while tracks like "Run Away With Me" and "LA Hallucinations" are fated to make even Judd Nelson dance in detention. From start to finish, the filler-free album primes Carly not only for radio but with an easy win at the greatest pop album this year. 

Stream EMOTION below on Spotify or pick it up on iTunes out now on School Boy/Interscope Records. Don't Miss: "Warm Blood," "Making The Most Of The Night" and the Imogen Heap-esque "Favourite Colour."