2015 might go down as one of the greatest years in rap history (yeah, we said it) because it feels like hip-hop has finally become the epicenter of pop culture at large. While legends like Jay Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne have all had their struggles, young veterans have stepped up and become full fledged superstars; J. Cole sold out MSG and Staples, Kendrick Lamar broke Spotify streaming records when To Pimp a Butterfly dropped, and the Drake/Meek Mill beef became the first rap beef everyone, their mother, and their least favorite corporate brand on social media discussed. And to think, we all once wondered if they’d be anything more than “Internet rappers.”

But as legends flirt with irrelevance and established stars ascended to new heights, we’re still on the lookout for that new new because no matter how good things are, we’re always wondering what’s next. While this year hasn’t been great for breaking new talent (with the obvious exception of Fetty Wap) we still put together a list of 20 new rappers to watch out for with rappers from all over the country of varying styles to see who might make an impact one day. Just remember, most people start with humble beginnings....

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