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You never knew a meme could take it this far. But we should've. Memes are lowkey the best part of social media. There's nothing quite as thrilling as getting off a fire meme; Twitter has almost become a comedy club of sorts. Your joke either lands and you score a platinum tweet (That's 1k RTs and/or faves for you plebeians) or you get booed off the stage and your tweet bricks. And of course, above creating your own fire, sharing hilarious tweets and vines as they go viral is awesome, too.

The most recent meme the internet's been loving? "What are thoooooose?" We interviewed the legend behind it a few weeks ago and since then the jokes and references have been non-stop. But now things may have just peaked in an unprecedented scenario. Soundcloud user KenKen KillT iT just flipped the lovable vine into an honest-to-goodness, drill banger. Throw this on and flaunt your kicks, fam.