Producers Thomas White and WYLN flipped the River Tibet sample on Drake's "No Tellin'," plus a few lines here and there, and laced Montreal rapper Wasiu with a woozy new sound to spit a few verses on. 

"My signature sound I'd say is emotional aerial, with pitched vocals, piano and the likes," White told Complex. He recorded some of his own vocals and added them to the background to make a more ethereal sound. "For WYLN; banging drums, sliding 808s and he added real percs he records himself." 

The three artists linked up in the studio one night to collaborate on flipping the entire track—and Wasiu says after repeating the words "No Tellin" over and over again, he formed a triple entendre with it. "There's no tellin' as in no snitching, and if there is snitching then there's no tellin' what I'ma do," he told Complex. "The other meaning to this no tellin' is how I'm gonna flow on it. I switched my flow a few times, so there's no tellin, it's unexpected what my flow is on here. Just like the sample says, 'had to switch the flow up for you niggas shit was getting too predictable.'"

Stream it below: