When Will Smith makes a request, you honor that request — especially if you're currently engaged in a no-holds-barred (literally none) promo campaign for your new album. When we last saw Tyrese, he was posing with a homeless person in some sort of attempt to remind you that his new album Black Rose is still available for your purchasing streaming pleasure.

According to Tyrese, Smith called the former Transformers participant to inform him of his sizeable Facebook presence and its potential impact on the sales streams of Black Rose. Smith, who is not homeless, then presented Tyrese with a relatively fair proposition — jump into your pool wearing a winter outfit and a pair of Timbs and I'll share your album to my 74 million (+) followers. Still adhering to his narrative of charmingly downplaying his social status, Tyrese accepted the challenge (see above) as if the independently released Black Rose — which landed on top of the Billboard 200 earlier this month — needed any further cosigns.

Ever a man of his word, Will Smith maintained his end of the deal — a charity-promoting (the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to be specific) exchange now known as the #BlackRoseChallenge:


My boy Tyrese has the Summer on lock with his new album "Black Rose". Check it out! http://apple.co/1RFawdn

Posted by Will Smith on Friday, July 17, 2015

Perhaps Smith's assertion that Tyrese has the summer currently "on lock" is a gracious attempt at subtly building his own (possible) 2016 takeover on a foundation of playful modesty. Such a takeover will reportedly arrive with assists from Kanye West, Drake, and Smith's Apple-approved son Jaden.