Producer Thelonious Martin just dropped off his latest video from his Wunderkid album. "Wrong or Right" is an instrumental track that leads into "BadGuyGoodGuy" featuring RetcH & Ab Soul. With the trippy guitar riff as the soundtrack, the final video in a three-part vignette shows a youngster being awoken by an unwelcome visitor. The mood is tense, the lighting has a red tint to it, and the front door is slightly ajar—it's like when you're up too late and start to get weird vibes in the middle of the night.

"The last video is heavily inspired by Mulholland Drive with the tension that is in the video leading up to the big scare," Martin told Complex over email. "This final video closes out what was the initial idea of touching upon things we all go through as youth. 'Corners of Your Mind' was youthful imagination, 'The Home Team' was prime teenage nostalgia, and with 'Wrong Or Right' this video is like the visual representation on why you run up the stairs after you cut off the basement light."

All three videos were directed by Simon Davis and Jason Sondock. 

Plus, you can listen to an unreleased instrumental below, too: