Producer: James Smith
Album: We Can't Be Stopped
Label: Rap-A-Lot Records

It's perfectly summarized in the spoken introduction from Rap-A-Lot president J. Prince: "In 1989 we knocked on the door. In 1990 we beat on the door. Now it's 1991 and we fittin' to kick this motherfucker in." And kick it in they do. The theme of "We Can't Be Stopped" is that the Geto Boys were unafraid to say anything to anybody, and better still, they would say it in three of the most distinctive voices hip-hop has ever known. The first thing you hear on the opening title song is Willie D, whose enormously deep country accent prompted fits of execration from the New York rap establishment. The greatest thing about "We Can't Be Stopped" is that every one of its points is spot-on. What drove the world insane about the Geto Boys is that they rapped like degenerates and yet they articulated arguments with rapacious intelligence. This song is final proof that being rude and being smart will always go great together. —Sam Sweet