Producer: Just Blaze
Exhibit C EP 
Label: Decon

What song could so inspire a generation to put all their chips on one of history's least prolific talents? While Jay Electronica's performance so defines "Exhibit C"'s promise and Jay's potential, it's easy to underrate its framework, a sturdy soul sample courtesy of Just Blaze, which offers a dusty clarion call that at once recalls a proud crate-digging history while ringing out as if accompanying the crowning of a new king. It's all in the impact of that sustained male vocal, the strings that shine alongside it, and the sloshing pianos triggering an overwhelming, joyous euphoria. The effect is one, overwhelmingly, of reassurance—the promise of a new day, the possibility of a return to glory, of a present that no longer seems to exist as a frail shadow of the past. Jay may never live up to his potential—the clock is ticking—but no moment best captures the entirety of that potential in 5:32, a gift to relive for those who must soldier on without it.