Producer: Easy Mo Bee
Album: Project: Funk Da World
Label: Bad Boy

Despite making a little noise as MC EZ and Troup with his "Get Retarded" single in 1988, it wasn't until this 1994 smash that the world took notice of Craig Mack. Easy Mo Bee introduced a brand new funk to the rap game with the "futuristic, George Jetson" sound he gave Craig Mack for his breakout Bad Boy single. Ironically, according to the Trackmasters, Craig wasn't initially feeling the beat and Puffy had to basically drag him into the booth, kicking and screaming. As the all-star remix would later demonstrate, however, it was really this incredible instrumental that everyone was hooked-on, and Mack ironically discovered that he was actually the one who wasn't "around next year" on the Bad Boy roster as Biggie Smalls began his rise to rap supremacy.