Producer: The Neptunes
Album: Lord Willin'
Label: Star Trak Entertainment, Arista

"Grindin'"—not any of their catalog of No. 1 hits—is the Neptunes' signature speaker-smasher, perfect not only for blasting out of your car at ear-splitting volumes but also incredibly easy to imitate on any high school locker. Minimalist yet futuristic, the song captured the hard-hitting sound of a mid-80's rap record but loaded it with modern d-boy lyrics. "Grindin'" proved once again that it's all about the drums—and woodblocks. Pharrell reportedly called Pusha T with the following challenge, "I’ve got this record and if you’re not up here in 15 minutes I’m just giving it to Jay-Z." Push made it to the studio with two minutes to spare, and one the hardest records of the aughts was born.