Susan Sarandon is the baddest 68-year-old actress in the game, so we'll forgive her for being two years late to catching a rap reference to herself in A$AP Rocky's 2013 posse cut "1Train." On the track Action Bronson raps "You see us scramblin, sellin Susan Sarandon/the cloud of smoke like the Phantom." Usually when a rapper shouts out a Caucasian actress they're referencing cocaine, but here Bronsolino is likely talking about weed as Susan's long been a proponent of marijuana legalization, going so far as to admit that she likes to float through award shows stoned. (This also isn't the first time she's shown love to the rap game.)

Anyway, one of her two sons (both in their 20s) must've been bumping Long.Live.A$AP today because she randomly tweeted her appreciation for the shoutout to both Rocky and Action, admitting that she didn't quite understand it but is down to "blaze one" and kick it with them. Let's hope this happens and that someone gets it on camera—the last time A$AP Rocky chilled with an older white actress, the result was hilarious