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The world according to Kevin Parker is a fulfilling, stimulating alternative to the stark realities of the pristine pop landscape just outside its doors, force-feeding unchallenging stars to an indifferent population. Parker, under the aided guise of Tame Impala, has consistently ruptured that status quo by infiltrating its home turf — a method of pop psychedelia continued on new album Currents, premiering in full via NPR First Listen below:

Back in June, Parker spoke with us about the mental state behind the creation of Currents — the culmination of a learned process of embracing but eventually defeating doubt:

"When you’re in that moment where you’ve started doing something you thought was the best thing you’ve ever done—you’ve had this confidence in yourself like, 'Fuck yeah, I’ve done something great.' But you have to see it through to the end, and it takes years to finish an album. By the end you’re so doubtful that it’s as good as you thought it was, you convince yourself you were just delusional, stoned, or drunk."