Even legends aren't safe from Twitter slander these days. On Sunday, Slick Rick, along with a lineup full of rap legends, performed at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif. for Ice T's Art of Rap Festival. While the Ruler was waiting to hit the stage, he took to his Instagram to post a photo of him stuntin' (dique) on these young whippersnappers backstage. In said pic, he's wearing what seems to be a Louis Vuitton​ bowling shirt designed by Dapper Dan, a purple cloth hanging from his side like a pirate, some custom black shoes with purple fringe flaps, and a bunch of gaudy jewelry that may or may not be fake (can't confirm.)

In true 2015 Internet fashion, people slandered him back to the '80s, which is sad and hilarious because he eventually deleted the pic (you goddamn bullies). Even MediaTakeOut is reporting on this one. Screenshots last forever, so check out what Twitter did the rap legend.