Tyrese made (personal) history this week as his sixth and final solo album, Black Rose, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. This is the first time a solo effort from Tyrese has topped the charts, and it didn't come without some guerrilla marketing from the R&B singer, which included filming a video with a homeless woman, dancing on a subway car in NYC, and jumping into a pool with a winter outfit and Timbs on so Will Smith would post a link to Black Rose on Facebook. Let's all say it in unison: Tyrese is underground AF.

Clearly Tyrese was on to something, as veteran Brooklyn rapper Sean Price has taken a page out of the singer's page book to promote his upcoming mixtape, Songs in the Key of Price. Price performed a reenactment of Tyrese's infamous Coca-Cola commercial from 1994, because hey, Tyrese did something similar about a week agooooo. Here are five reasons why Sean Price's version is amazing:

1. He hops on the bus and announces he's Tyrese, to everyone's bemusement.

2. He begins belting out the jingle, which is when everyone on the bus realizes he is in fact *not* Tyrese.

3. The woman in the back immediately moves when Price gets near her, because you can't trust anyone in these NY skreets.

4. The video was recorded on an iPhone 5. NOT a 6, a 5 😂😂😂

5. He wasn't even carrying a Coca-Cola drink!

Watch Tyrese's original below, and cross your fingers these two decide to do a remix version down the road. Sean Price's Songs in the Key of Price drops August 21.