Just a year after he blessed us with Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum, Prince is scheduled to drop another solo album in the final quarter of 2015. As down payment on that promise, here we have "Stare," the second single from Prince's forthcoming The Hit & Run Album, which will likely feature Prince's backing band and Plectrumelectrum co-creators 3rdeyegirl.

"First things first," Prince sings, "We like you to stare—we used to go on stage in our underwear."

"Stare" is a mellow funk session, with fat bass slaps and clucking trumpets. This comes in stark contrast to The Hit & Run Album's lead single, "HARDROCKLOVER," which is trippy, squealing, and aggressive. Interestingly, "Stare" is available via Spotify less than a month after Prince pulled his entire catalog from the music streaming service in favor of his new business relationship with TIDAL. Listen to "Stare" below.