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Following the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of six police officers and the subsequent protests in Baltimore earlier this year, Prince took action by organizing a Rally 4 Peace that he also performed at and releasing a new song "Baltimore" with Eryn Allen Kane

Today, Prince is sharing a video for the track that is "a tribute to all of the people of the city of Baltimore" featuring photographs and live footage from the protests juxtaposed against that fatal week's headlines and his own song lyrics. In the video, Prince also makes a statement reading “The system is broken. It’s going to take the young people to fix it this time. We need new ideas, new life.” Watch the video before and read the song's lyrics below.

Nobody got in nobody's way
So eye guess u could say
It was a good day
At least a little better than the day in Baltimore

Does anybody hear us pray?
4 Michael Brown or Freddie Gray peace is more than the absence of war
Absence of war

R we gonna c another bloody day?
We're tired of cryin' & people dyin'
Let's all take the guns away

Absence of war—U and Me
Maybe we can finally say
Enuff is enuff it's time 4 love

It's time 2 hear,
It's time 2 hear

The guitar play!