Blacksmif is one of those names, like a Two Inch Punch or a Tourist, that you can always trust when it comes to delivering forward-facing electronic music. More recently, though, the south London producer decided it was time to set his own subdued vocals and from-the-heart lyrics free on the beat, and on July 13, will release a double A-side single"Chasing Paper"/"Beautiful Things"—to show-off those extra skills he's had tucked up his wizards' sleeve, all this time.

"I wrote 'Beautiful Things' about a girl I came to know a year or two ago who I developed quite an interesting but tumultuous relationship with," explained Blacksmif over email. "I'd say it's probably the first vocal song I've ever written about a specific female, as opposed to a general reflection on the other gender. We had a very unhealthy, co-dependent relationship, which she simply wasn't able to comprehend how damaging that was to the growth of either of us as individuals in our own right and in our own lives. Inevitably, we parted ways and haven't really been nearly as close since."

But wait, there's more: "She constantly craved for something emotionally from me that I just wasn't able to give without getting something of equal emotional value back from her. It was only on looking back on the situation during the writing process for this song that I was able to come to the belief that life shouldn't be like that. Some of life's most beautiful attractions don't crave to be noticed and tended to in the same way that she did, and I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who can relate to pining over a girl who's happy to seduce with taking on the responsibility of playing the role of the 'seductress.' I guess this song is just my reflection of a situation of that sort."

Life, eh? Life. Listen to "Beautiful Things" exclusively below.