Last year, we introduced you to Pollari a bubbling artist out of Atlanta recently released an EP alongside Dexter Dukarus titled Lucy. Today, he's back with a 5-track project that he says is entirely on his life, and was supposed to be the first project he ever released. Titled Jesus Wept, Pollari rocks back and forth between heavier 808 Mafia-production on tracks like "Sid Vicious" and auto-tuned ballads including "Run Pt. 1."

"Jesus Wept was supposed to be my first album, but my life is really weird and it couldn't be," he told Complex. "Too many politics, too many evils coming at genuine good. I love it though, it's beautiful, it's distorted, it's misunderstood but loved, like me. I want to prove the world wrong, that real organic music and real words can still reign. I hope my mom likes it."

Stream it below and for those unfamiliar, head over to his Soundcloud now.

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