UPDATE 7/28/2015 10:50 PM: Meek actually made it to the show, but the reactions have been mixed. One fan caught footage of him getting booed, while another one got the crowd getting into his "Dreams & Nightmares" intro. It's worth noting that Meek performs Yo Gotti's "Fuck You" as part of his set. Many believed it was a subliminal shot at the crowd, but that's not the case.

Meek did 4 songs got the crowd hype, cheering & singing then left the stage. Then some people booed. I've heard louder boos at a leaf game

— Ice (@Iceburg416) July 29, 2015

Wow they Booing him pic.twitter.com/phlQMlLHyG

— Simone (@paradicegold) July 29, 2015

He was smart he performing in Nicki Minaj set he doing the intro now this the first time Toronto giving him Love pic.twitter.com/I1gKO8LzrB

— SHADOW (@shadbox) July 29, 2015

Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint Tour has made its way to Toronto at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. From fans on the ground, it sounds like DeJ Loaf, Tinashe and Rae Sremmurd have performed already. But where is Meek Mill?

Mill’s set was supposed be at 8 p.m. and there hasn’t been any signs of him. DJ Boof, who is Nicki Minaj’s DJ, has already set up on his equipment and filling in for him. He’s ran through a few Drake songs too. This isn’t look good for Meek.

@MeekMill was supposed to perform at 8:20 .. We're thinking he may not come out 4 #Toronto .. The other acts seem 2be adding extra songs hmm

— FLOW 93-5 (@Flow935) July 29, 2015

DJ Boof is setting up. pic.twitter.com/O9g60ZRR2d

— Karla Moy (@hustleGRL) July 29, 2015

Standing front of the stage at Nicki show. Not only is DJ Boof playing drake, but Meeks set skipped entirely. ✌🏾️ #kingofrapisfromtoronto

— Hadi aka Hadisworld (@hadisworld) July 29, 2015

Other people at the show have gotten information on where he might be. Apparently, it could be an issue at the Canada-United States border.

Got some Intel....Apparently there was a 'border hold up' and that's why show is behind and why DJ is stalling right now..

— Mastermind (@MastermindLive) July 29, 2015

Or the scenario that we really want: Meek’s really gonna surprise us with a special guest appearance during Nicki Minaj’s set and talk his shit. There’s no better way than debuting your diss record live in your rival’s home turf. Because right now, it's not looking that way...

I can confirm that Meek Mill did NOT perform his scheduled set in the 6ix tonight. Nicki Minaj is on stage. #dontdissthe6ixgod

— Karla Moy (@hustleGRL) July 29, 2015

Nicki in Toronto. via Instagram http://t.co/YR5Ft2lHec pic.twitter.com/Ojc8v8qDEN

— Elliott Wilson (@ElliottWilson) July 29, 2015

It would definitely make up for Funkmaster Flex's disappointing show on Hot 97, as well as that cheesy Tumblr video that Meek tweeted shortly after it ended. Let's hope something happens before the night is over.

Otherwise, Drizzy just won this beef with the ultimate flex: