Last night, Meek Mill dropped his Drake diss song "Wanna Know" and now Drake's career is totally over. All of his fans have sold off their tickets to the OVO Fest, everyone has deleted all of Drake's songs from their hard drives, and even Jimmy Iovine rescinded Drake's Apple Music deal. 

Of course, none of that actually happened. Mostly because Meek's diss song wasn't very good. But even if it were good, even if it could be crowned the greatest rap diss song in history, none of that would have happened. Meek Mill can't end Drake's career (or vice versa)—because diss songs don't end careers. Maybe in the '80s they did, back when rap was still a growing genre and no one really knew what a "rap career" was supposed to be. Go ahead, take a look at our list of the 50 Best Diss Songs and tell us how many careers actually ended because of a diss song. 

Rappers fall off for a confluence of reasons, but it usually boils down to one simple fact: The artist stopped making music people liked. And that happens all the time, whether or not someone enters a high-profile beef. In fact, if you're Drake or a Meek fan, have either of their disses made you like your favorite any less? Let us know the comments. Meanwhile, we're gonna bump the best thing to come out of this beef: "Hotline Bling."