To a superficial bird, there is no greater insult than telling someone that they’re broke. So, I was not surprised that Tammy leveled that accusation at Kaleena after finding out how bad the former Diddette’s meeting with her mother-in-law, Deb Antney went. That’s exactly what she told Joseline as she proceeded to blast her Mercedes-Benz of choice.

I know what some of you are thinking: “I’ve seen your tweets, Mike. Ain’t you a member of the avian nation, too?” Yes, but I don’t have Tammy’s strain of bird flu, so there. In any event, as Tammy was escorted from the club, she told Rasheeda about Kaleena, “I already knew she was a snake bitch they day she called me and dogged you out on the phone.”

This woman is messy boots. You see, if you truly felt Kaleena was not a good friend to your friend Rasheeda, Tammy, you would’ve long told her to watch her back. This is fake. Speaking of, on calling Kaleena broke, Tammy said in her confessional, “It’s not a big deal. We all hit our rough patches.”

If it were not a big deal and you truly understood, Tammy, you wouldn’t constantly choose this brand of read to aim at folks. But okay, girl.

On the after show, Tammy claimed that we didn’t see just how disrespectful Kaleena was being towards Deb Antney. That may be the case, but I also think she was motivated by securing airtime. Either way, this was not any of her business. Also, Tammy repeatedly referred to Joseline as a man on the after show. That’s transphobic in tone and overall lazy in wit. Tammy, you’re pretty and all, but you can fall down a well all the same.

As for Rasheeda, she’s the one who apparently told Tammy about the state of Kaleena’s finances, and yet, is so-so-so mad at Kaleena for violating her trust. Rasheeda didn’t exactly deny any of this when she invited Kaleena to her studio session to discuss what went down at the club. In fact, she was absolutely obnoxious in doubling down on her hypocrisy.

This isn’t surprising, though, because as far as this show goes, Rasheeda is the worst kind of friend. She was not good to K. Michelle. She was not supportive of Karlie Redd. Now she is known to be telling Kaleena’s financial secrets but then finds herself pissed when she finds out Kaleena repeated some of her past behavior.

Stevie J and Scrappy both went to the same rehab center and seemingly bonded over it. It was the best D.A.R.E. ad I’ve ever seen.

Rasheeda is a beautiful woman—looking like a female bae version of Superfly Jimmy Snucka. However, she has Lil’ Kim’s attitude with Rasheeda’s talent and catalog. Yeah, I heard that new Rasheeda song she played with her husband, Kirk. If this is indeed Rasheeda’s final album: Bon voyage, girl.

In equally delusional news, Bambi felt a way about not being able to help plan Emani’s 10th birthday party. Yes, The Bam was mad she did not get to participate in the planning of Erica and Scrappy’s child. The Bam is not a stepmom or even a new Scrappy baby mama, but feels a way about not being involved. Why is she still here, beloveds?

Seriously. Watching The Bam and Tammy meet up for lunch with no food to discuss people we’re far more interested in than them ain’t the move. Shout out to the storyboard editors. Love, y’all.

If anything, it’s nice to see Erica and Scrappy do something together that doesn’t end with security and law enforcement. Likewise, it was great to see Scrappy and Stevie J make peace. They both went to the same rehab center and seemingly bonded over it. It was the best D.A.R.E. ad I’ve ever seen. Even better than the contest-winning fourth grade speech I gave back in the 1990s.

Okay, enough of peace. This is, after all, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Revenge was also a major theme of last night’s episode. Stevie J wanted to play Nikko for a fool because of the way he latched onto Mimi’s bra strap for a come up. So, Stevie J used his new magazine—Scrilla Gorilla—to do it. Stevie J invited Margeaux for a cover shoot and then—dun-dun-dun—appeared to surprise Nikko and Margeaux. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds. It’s also as uninteresting.

I’m more curious to see this romantic comedy Joseline and Stevie J are going to shoot. I’m even more intrigued that they felt the need to go to Los Angeles to film it as if Atlanta isn’t already a movie-making land that makes a much better fit for them to make magic.

The other revenge plot in this episode involved Karlie Redd and Yung Joc’s fourth baby mama, Sina. Sina is still mad at KD for “taking” Joc from her, so she popped at at Karlie Redd’s Citi Trends-like store to talk of a way to somehow embarrass her. This consisted of them inviting an unsuspecting KD to a party celebrating the launch of Empire Records and Karlie Redd Entertainment, her record label. I know, I know. I don’t get that shit either.

When KD showed up, she did indeed appear surprised, but she’s always ready to fight and that occasion was no different. The show ended with Karlie Redd throwing a drink in KD’s face and Sina and KD squaring up.I think the most shocking aspect of that whole scene was the fact that Karlie Redd is now dating Lyfe Jennings. I’ll give it to Karlie: If there is a single recording artist who had a hit a few years ago, is on the mend, and could use the airtime to rejuvenate their relevance, she will find you and date you—and keep her in tuned with the narrative of Love and Hip Hop in the process. Two points to her or whatever.

‘Til next time.

Michael Arceneaux hails from Houston, lives in Harlem, and praises Beyoncé’s name wherever he goes. Follow him @youngsinick.