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VH1 decided to air Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta a day earlier than usual for no other reason than to goad the show’s millions of viewers into watching the season premiere of its fledgling franchise, Basketball Wives: L.A. It worked, but it’s still disrespectful. Oh well.

The episode kicked off with Rasheeda once again making an ass out of herself. With Erica playing the Robin to her Batman, Rasheeda banged on the hotel door expecting to catch Ashley in bed with her husband, Kirk. What actually happened was Ashley opened the door, Rasheeda proceeded to talk a bunch of shit only to realize that Ashley was in the room with her girlfriend. Yes, Ashley Nicole is a lesbian and Rasheeda is a woman who really needs to assess her marriage and her purpose in life.

Even when she was in the wrong, Rasheeda wouldn’t immediately apologize, opting instead to focus on Ashley Nicole’s past bad behavior. As in, telling her she assumed the worst “because you act like a THOT.” Girl, your husband acts like a THOT

Rasheeda is gorgeous, but she’s got to get the fuck on. Ultimately, she did acknowledge to Ashley Nicole that maybe, just maybe, she should not have stormed in her room and caused a scene. In turn, Ashley Nicole apologized for being disrespectful in past settings and then revealed that her mother committed suicide years ago—partially why she has a distrust of women. After that sharing that, told Rasheeda, “I’d like to look up to you.”

Yeah, just like that. I don’t get the phrasing either, but bless her heart. She’s trying. I don’t see that newfound respect showing up at the reunion, but let’s see how it rides out in the meantime.  

Keeping with the theme of getting yourself together before it’s too late, let’s talk Kaleena. Now, I’ve been stressing how talented Kaleena is since last season. So, I was happy to see that she reached out to Deb Antney for management. Well, that won’t be a thing because Kaleena showed every inch of her ass at the meeting.

Kaleena walked into Deb Antney’s offices as if she were Beyoncé with Rihanna’s long list of No. 1 singles, Ciara’s limberness, and Nicki Minaj’s everything.

Kaleena is well within her right to believe in her talent and to want to know what her manager has accomplished recently. That said, Kaleena walked into Deb Antney’s offices as if she were Beyoncé with Rihanna’s long list of No. 1 singles, Ciara’s limberness, and Nicki Minaj’s everything. You can’t go to a manager, boohooing about your husband not believing in your talent right now only to then say that same husband doesn’t believe the person you came to can do anything. Kaleena was disrespectful, so I don’t blame Deb for directing her to the exit while wishing the best in her future endeavors.

However, Deb did get her together with one quick note: “My bills are paid.” 

By the way, Deb played an integral part in the careers of Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Minaj, and French Montana. She doesn’t need to be checked like that from a member of Diddy and the Diddettes

Even though Kaleena was out of line, why did Tammy from last season feel the need to confront Kaleena about it in the meeting? Did Tammy not learn from Joseline going oops, upside her head at the last reunion that maybe she needs to calm her hotheaded self down? Apparently not because she arrived at Kaleena’s husband’s club ready for war.

Meanwhile, Rasheeda had the nerve to defend Tammy in her confessional saying that’s what you do for family. Uh, Rasheeda, you think it’s acceptable for a daughter-in-law to walk up to a stranger over a bad business meeting involving her mother-in-law? You know what? You’re banging on doors trying to figure out if your lesbian employee is screwing your husband. Of course you think it’s fine.

Get your life together, woman.

As for the other manager on the show, Mimi Faust met with Jazze Pha to apologize for the previous meeting that ended in him tossing Dimepiece out of his studio for her altercation with Tiffany Foxx. Jazze wants nothing to do with Dimepiece, but he remains interested in Tiffany Foxx. This pleased Tiffany Foxx, only she’s still not signing with MF Management. But she said they can make money together?

How? Your guess is as good as mine. Speaking of, pop quiz: Name a Tiffany Foxx song. 

Though Dimepiece is excommunicated from Jazze Pha’s studio in perpetuity, Mimi did manage to get Dimepiece a meeting with Jermaine Dupri. Dimepiece played JD that old ass song she has, and he described it as “stripper fight music.” That’s kind of the best thing I’ve ever heard, so you should go with that, Dimepiece. Mimi then asked JD if he had a track to give Dimepiece. JD informed her that he doesn’t just have tracks lying around. Sir, what? You better make some cheap beats on the side and sell them to these kids so you can stack some cash. Or not. God bless.

Dimepiece was impressed with what Mimi arranged, but is it enough for her to sign with Mimi as a manager? We’ll find out soon, but Mimi sure did hand her a contract immediately following the meeting. 

If you’re curious about the others, Scrappy gave the Bam a key to his house. In response, the Bam was happy but wanted Scrappy to settle his beef with Erica first. Scrappy met with Erica, and the two behaved like adults. I’m almost certain that Scrappy still loves Erica, only Erica is not for that hood Peter Pan bit he’s been on, thus, goes with the Bam because she’s just happy to be there.

There was no Joseline and Stevie on last night’s episode. I’m not happy about it either. 

Maybe we’ll have better luck next week.

Michael Arceneaux hails from Houston, lives in Harlem, and praises Beyoncé’s name wherever he goes. Follow him @youngsinick.