Toronto producers Eytan Tobin and beat sampras have linked up with Cleveland rapper Atari Jones on “Cosmic Ocean,” a kaleidoscopic foray into psychedelic rap territory. This collaboration took shape remotely over the course of six months, as it was passed back and forth between Tobin and Jones, before it was handed off to beat sampras for the finishing touches.

Despite a lengthy incubation period, it seems like the track came together pretty painlessly. “Atari hit me up on Soundcloud, and I sent him some demos I was working on,” Eytan Tobin told Complex. “The week after, he sent me a vocal take for what later became ‘Cosmic Ocean.’ I couldn’t stop editing his vocals around the beat, and coming up with weird ideas. We eventually handed it over to beat sampras, who totally flipped the drum patterns and sounds.”

The end result is a wavy party-starter that’s both playful and hypnotic, with Atari Jones’ languid flow complementing a steadily evolving instrumental. “I tried to make a feel-good scenario with the lyrics, while adding a lil’ Cleveland flavor to it,” Jones said.

Listen to “Cosmic Ocean” below courtesy of boutique Toronto-based record label Bedroomer. Catch Eytan Tobin and Atari Jones performing live at the next Bedroomer party in Toronto on Friday, July 31st.