Suge Knight and his new lawyer Thomas Mesereau had a big day in court today. First, news broke that Mesereau complained on Knight's behalf of a mysteriously flushing toilet in his jail cell that's been preventing Knight from getting any sleep. Now, it seems like Knight will have to put up with that toilet for a while longer as a judge denied Mesereau's requests to have the former Death Row CEO's bail lowered from $10 million. 

Knight's lawyer submitted to the judge previously unseen footage of the fatal hit-and-run that got his client locked up in the first place but Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen hasn't changed his mind about the incident. "There's nothing new in the video," Coen said in court, according to Billboard. Despite Mesereau's argument that Knight is neither a "flight risk" nor a "danger to the community," Coen held firm, saying, "I've heard nothing that would convince me that bail is insufficient."

Knight will be back in court on September 17th and is still facing charges of murder, attempted murder, and committing a hit-and-run. 

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