Joey Bada$$ shared his thoughts on Bill Cosby this morning on Twitter, and for good reason, he's being dragged through the mud. He started off his series of tweets by saying he doesn't approve of any Bill Cosby slander these days, and that any allegations against him are propaganda and a distraction from the media. He referred to allegations and charges surrounding Cosby as a "Half ass story," as well.

Earlier this month, documents surfaced in which Cosby admitted to using quaaludes to drug women and sleep with them. In additional excerpts from the 2005 deposition uncovered this weekend, Cosby's "calculated pursuit of young women" was laid out in detail, to make the case even more sickening. Many of Cosby's defenders—Whoopi Goldberg, included—have now acknowledged his guilt, especially in light of these published depositions.

All of Joey's tweets can be found below. 

Joey also decided to share his extended thoughts on the situation via his Snapchat, which a user from Reddit then transcribed. Read it in full below. 

Check it out. If you don't follow me on Twitter, I just tweeted some shit saying I don't fuck with the Bill Cosby slander. And I'm getting a lot of slander thrown at me because of it. Lemme tell you: First of all, I ain't finna defend no motherfucking rapist. If he rape, it's bad and I am not in favor of that shit at all, okay? The only thing that I'm tryna defend is my point of not succumbing to everything that the media tells you. I don't fuck with everything the media...
Fuckers are saying he already admitted to this shit in 2005 – allegedly. I never seen this shit. But, nigga, it's 2015 – ten years later. Why's it coming back up now? Why didn't this occur in 2005? So, look, now I'm 'bout to show y'all some shit, alright? I'm 'bout to really put y'all onto what the fuck is happening. Look. There's always a reason. You know what I'm saying? Bill Cosby's one of the oldest black, like, honorable men right now. You know what I'm saying? I say that just to let y'all know that that makes him a fucking threat. That makes him a target. So if Bill Cosby decides to say anything, anything – decides to say anything that goes against what the people that's hired don't want him to say, then they ridicule him. He gets crucified.
It be real. Before all of this slander started happening Bill Cosby was doing some real positive shit. Did you know that? He was doing some real positive shit. Let's move on – let's get to the media thing now, right? Because what I don't fuck with, especially with black people on these media sites... so quick to tear down their own kind, right? But fuck all of that. Fuck all of that, right? If this shit is so serious – if it's so serious... Rape is bad, and if these women really, you know, telling the truth – they allegedly said they got raped by Bill Cosby – why are we making so many jokes about it? Nigga, when people fucking die, you don't make jokes about it. When people get raped and humiliated, you don't make fucking jokes about it. All of a sudden, there's a million fucking memes of Bill Cosby – these jokes. Him fucking slam-dunking Quaaludes into a fucking...
Before any of these kids even get the chance to look up the real story or what the fuck Bill Cosby was doing before all of this slander, they already brainwashed by all of these fucking things. You gotta pay attention – it's like, alright, you know, I'm not saying the story ain't true – I'm not saying that. I don't know what the fuck Bill Cosby do in his spare time. But you gotta pay attention, my nigga... The media is playing a part in humiliating this man. Like, do you get that? The media is a part of this. At the end of the day it's all propaganda. They putting this shit in front of your face for a reason. There might be another distraction, just like Caitlin Jenner was a big distraction. You know what I'm saying?