At 8 a.m., you would never expect a rapper to show up this early to anything, but it was a special occasion for Jeezy.

Volunteers of all ages gathered at Rosa L. Burney Park this morning to help in a neighborhood clean-up of District 4 in Atlanta. In continuing the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, Jeezy and his Street Dreamz Foundation kicked off their series of community events by making the streets tidier for residents. Joined by Councilmember Cleta Winslow and music marketing industry executive, author and empowerment speaker Shanti Das, more than 30 people showed their support for Jeezy’s initiative of giving back through positive campaigns.

Among the groups were Pants Up Guns Down, a collective of young teenagers who banded together to stop community violence. It was a movement that Jeezy wore proudly through every street he cleaned during his route. Over six streets were swept of trash, recyclables and yard debris. They also had their grass trimmed and weeds removed. Some people recognized Jeezy and praised him and everyone participating for their efforts.

Jeezy's Street Dreamz Foundation plans to give back again to the community through toy drives and turkey giveaways closer to the holiday season, build a backpack workshops and a brand new 10 for 10 initiative, where 10 scholarships will go to funding higher education or starting up a business.

Tonight, Jeezy plans to celebrate TM 101’s 10-year anniversary with a concert at the Fox Theatre. If you can’t make it, he’s offering to stream it exclusively on Tidal at 9 p.m. EST.