You can front like Eminem is a shock jock stuck in a rapper's body—sometimes it seems that way—but he is truly an MC. Em is a lyricist's lyricist, a rapper's rapper. Yesterday he amazed the game again with a freestyle off the top of the dome. It was fitting that it was on Sway's Sirius XM show because it was on his syndicated L.A. radio show 18 years ago where Eminem was exposed to millions of listeners. The thing that's so impressive about Em is that he comes up with most of his shocking lyrics on the spot. There aren't many rappers who can do what he does let alone match his consistency of wrecking mics. With that being said, we look back at some of Slim Shady's best freestyle over the years. Everything from the 1997 Rap Olympics showing that got him signed to the Shady Cypher from last year. Check Eminem's 10 best freestyles.