Was Marvin Gaye a pedophile? Lemme find out.

In any case, Public Enemy rapper and legend Chuck D really stepped in it this past weekend, becoming the 29,388th celebrity to hyper-conditionally defend Emmy-winning rapist Bill Cosby via Twitter.

Grotesque and abusive behavior has, in fact, convinced many fans to turn their backs on otherwise amazing musicians. R. Kelly, for instance. And wifebeater James Brown. And, yes, even superproducer Phil Spector, who is a convicted murderer. While fans haven't universally discarded these entertainers and their respective legacies, their destructive behavior nonetheless warrants some measure of scrutiny, no?

"No way Im defending Cosby," Chuck D clarified later Sunday morning. The rapper then offered Nazi Germany as a point of comparison that really makes you think.

In the 1960s, Bill Cosby was a young acquaintance of Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner. Why Cosby's famous friendship with Hefner apparently discounts the credibility or severity of the 30-plus rape accusations against the nationally beloved comedian isn't quite clear.