As we're in the thick of the summer, now's the perfect time for you and the squad to really hit the club, forget trying to stay swagged out, and get your dance on. That said, in enters Jersey's Chris Porter and "The Water Dance," a cut that got some burn in 2014 but has been turnt out by a club-ready rework featuring Mr. Worldwide, aka Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull.

While it's not a Vine sensation (yet), you might have seen people doing The Water Dance before; it's a really fluid movement that lets everyone throw their own accents in, for those of you who want to showcase their individual flyness while not playing the wall. Over this New Orleans bounce-inspired instrumental, Chris Porter and Pitbull add enough incentive get the crowd turnt, with a hypnotic bassline and snaps being interrupted by some crunky vibes.

Out now on Life On Planes, "The Water Dance" is set to soundtrack many pool parties and late night affairs. Catch the wave.