Angie Martinez recently went down to Miami to speak with Birdman in his first tell-all interview about what's going on with him and Lil Wayne. Angie opened the conversation with Birdman talking about his current relationship with Wayne, and Baby says at the end of the day he will always love him and that he can do what he wants. Contrary to what Birdman said, reports came out earlier this month that he's currently suing Jay Z and Tidal for  streaming Wayne's Free Weezy Album on Tidal.

Birdman dodged a question about Wayne wanting off of Cash Money and money owed to him. Instead, he says he gave Wayne the biggest contract in hip-hop history. As far as Nicki and Drake go, Birdman said that they're not going anywhere regardless of what happens with Wayne. "Both of them [Drake and Nicki] are very happy. I got much respect for both of them," Birdman said.

Baby also discussed how he was surprised that Wayne would ever say something negative about him in the first place, and that they still haven't talked about it since Wayne aired him out on Twitter. They still see each other almost every day because their studios are right next to each other, but they haven't hashed anything out. "I'm going to wait for the proper time to get together, and we going to do that," Birdman said.

As far as the recent Club LIV incident goes—where Birdman reportedly threw a bottle at Wayne—Baby said he didn't have anything to do with it and he was just there. And then there's the indictment. "That's the craziest shit I heard in my life," Birdman said on the indictment that named him and Young Thug in a potential plot to kill Wayne. He talked to Wayne about that before and after it happened, and says he worries about Wayne all the time, and that sometimes hip-hop turns violent and that you have to be ready for it. "I couldn't even tell you what happened that night," Birdman said. 

Watch both parts of the exclusive interview below.