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UK's Years & Years have set the music industry on fire as their synth-pop songs dipped in soul and glazed with R&B continue to electrify ears with the relentless release of ear-melting singles from the lustful "Real" and the mesmerizing "Take Shelter" featuring actress Emily Browning. Today, members Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Turkmen​ "Shine" in the video for their new single, taking cues from the song as they walk into the the glaring light that surrounds them.  

Vocalist Olly Alexander explains that "the song is about the overwhelming and unstable feeling of falling in love and we wanted to use light to represent that feeling. We wanted the light to be this powerful supernatural force and we took inspiration from films like ET, Poltergeist and Close Encounters." 

It all makes for another luminous release from the trio that reminds us it's them we've been waiting to find. Watch the video for "Shine" above and look for Years & Years' debut album Communion out July 10 on Polydor Records which you can pre-order in all formats on their website. Catch them live at one of their upcoming shows on their worldwide tour (dates here).