Battle rap is an arduous sport. It requires, among other things, nerves of steel, an uncanny memory, and the ability not to go Super Saiyan when someone is an inch away from your face calling your mother everything but a child of God.

At its essence, battle rap is about verbally embarrassing your opponent—period. Whether it’s clowning members of the opposing team for points on the popular MTV2 series Wild 'N Out (which begins airing its seventh season June 10), or humiliating an adversary on the Ultimate Rap League for “oohs,” “aahs,” and “gyod dambs,” the objective still remains the same. So needless to say, with all the high-pressure factors involved, things can go south real quick.

There is a sensitive balance that keeps events like these from going from a tense war of words to a possible shit storm, sometimes literally (we’ll get to that later). Once that balance tilts in the wrong direction, it’s damn near impossible to regain order.

Here are 10 examples of battles taking a turn for the worst.