Often considered the shared father of all by certain sectors of the Awful Records allegiance crew, Father is already breaking his previous promise to use Father's Day as his day "to lay up, not give a fuck, and get my dick touched on." On Sunday, Father premiered the video for the Who's Gonna Get Fucked First? title track via Pitchfork. The video (see above), described by Father himself as a "brilliant fuck shit masterpiece," is an appropriately grunge-nodding amalgam of various body-related close-ups — directed by Ryan Staake and shot in Atlanta.

Father also utilized the Atlanta cityscape to helm the upcoming video for ILoveMakonnen's "Super Chef," which may or may not be released later today:

Father will also be spreading the fatherly wisdom across much of North America on the Cry $$$ Tour with Playboi Carti, KeithCharles Spacebar, and Slug Christ starting July 5 in Miami.

Father's Day is shaping up to be truly Awful indeed.