And on the 19th of June, the lords of jackhammered performance-art-by-way-of-hip-hop rose from the meticulously strewn ashes of a faked death. Less than a year after seemingly announcing their permanent departure from the musical landscape, Death Grips unveiled dates for a world tour — prompting many of us to once again question everything we think we know about Death Grips (and human existence).

The first date of this post-fake-breakup tour swerved into Seattle on Friday, and the footage (see below) proves not only that total sonic domination was achieved — but that Death Grips is still very much a living, breathing entity. Though, what is "living?" Is that subjective? Does anyone really breathe? I expect Death Grips to both answer and ignore these questions soon enough.

As a wise man once said — 'tis obviously very lit indeed.