The BET Awards are live right now and we’ve already seen some unpredictable moments. Puff Daddy and the Bad Boy reunion was dope, even after Puff managed to make a fall look good on television. For some reason, Rihanna and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are sitting next to each other, and she must have had enough of him to the point where she duct-taped his mouth shut. And then there’s our hosts—Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Andersonwho have been great comedic relief. Ross introduced Chris Brown and Tyga before their performance earlier this evening and couldn’t quite keep a straight face. When Ross called the pair “young, sexy, and black,” she laughed.  And then mouthed the words “Tyga and Chris Brown” like she was very unsure of herself. Maybe there’s a deeper issue here? Who knows. But it’s pretty funny.

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