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It seems like Shura can do no wrong at the moment. Previous singles "2shy" and "Indecision" sent the world into a flurry when they were released either side of Christmas, and now she's back with a single that could challenge them in terms of popularity and sheer catchiness.

"White Light" is the track in question and, to begin with, there's an air of The xx about it with its cold synth washes and eerie minimalism. Don't get settled in that, though, because that soon falls away to make room for a taut disco bounce that perfectly underpins Shura's unmistakable vocals, as she sings at times about her twin brother and at other times about aliens. It's delightfully odd and a shift away from the sultry, laid-back R&B of "2shy". Expect this in a club near you soon.

"White Light" comes out on 24th July.