The curious case of Rachel Dolezal has most of the world scratching their heads. Even if you support her transracial efforts, you have to admit, this is some weird made-for-TV shit. Here are the facts. Rachel Dolezal is a 37-year-old woman born in Troy, Mont., to two Caucasian parents. But somewhere along the way, ol’ Rach said screw all that, Ima go for mine, and decided being a black woman was a better way to go about life. And that she did, sun tanning and straw setting her way to a president’s seat of the Spokane, Wash., chapter of the NAACP under the guise that she was a woman of  color.

Look, we don’t think anyone with good sense is angry at this woman for trying to improve the plight of African Americans, if that’s indeed what she was doing. But the Saturn-sized question is, why did she feel like she had transform into a black woman to do it? The whole thing is just odd. But, we might have found a clue to the method of her madness. Using clandestine technology we were able to obtain Rachel’s most recent Spotify playlist (i.e. we made it up, but who cares about reality, right? Not Rachel.) 

Here are Ms. Dolezal's 15 most recent Spotify songs.

C. Vernon Coleman is a writer living in Atlanta. Follow him @Vernon_Coleman.

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