“Comedown, Comedown.”

If you don’t recognize this as the opening adlib from “We Are Not” by Ca$tro Guapo, you’re late. The rising Toronto rapper’s breakout single is the first major offering from the rising collective CMDWN, a group of rappers and producers advancing Toronto’s new wave of industrial beats and aggressive flows. After CMDWN’s a couple of unexpected high profile NXNE appearances with both Sean Leon and Jazz Cartier, “We Are Not” is the precursor to a movement that’s about to explode.

At the centre of CMDWN’s wave is Creative Director and Co-Founder Teo Nio. The Toronto-via-Ottawa DJ/producer has a distinct ear for song selection, creative flips, and subtle transitions, all of which come shining through on his inaugural mix for Toronto-based sonic collective BEVSTMODE. Introducing Teo Nio features bangers from Goldlink, Post Malone, and Jimmy Johnson, but obviously, the 33-minute mix’s shining moment is reserved for “We Are Not.”

Listen to Introducing Teo Nio below, and if you like what you hear, show face at Toronto’s most hilariously-named party The Museum Of Contemporary Thots on Friday, June 26th at the Edward Day Gallery in Toronto.

1. “Paid In Full” - A.CHAL
2. “Dance On Me” - GoldLink
3. “Baile Somebody” - Sango
4. “Fuck Up Some Commas (Remix)” - Future ft. Rick Ross & Big Sean
5. “Broke Boi” - Playboicarti
6. “Used To The Melody” - Sango
7. “BBHMM (CLBTS Remix)” - Rihanna
8. “We Are Not (ft. FIJI)” - Castro Guapo
9. “Too Young” - Post Malone
10. “Undefinded” - Cavalier
11. “Diamonds” -  Macarena
12. “Ride Out” - Laya Hendryx
13. “Mais Feliz” - Carlos
15. “Fevereiro” - Sango
16. “Star Baby” - Jimmy Johnson
17. “Downfall” - TRIAD$
18. “Vince Carter w/ Fortune” - DrewsThatDude
19. “Waiting” - whereisalex

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