Chicago-based producer Odd Couple flips the script on 2 Chainz's #METIME skit off "I Do It" to kick off his brand new track, also titled "Me Time," featuring The O'My's, Kweku Collinsand Jack RedEverything you loved about the soulful finale of 2 Chainz's hit is brought to life on Odd Couple's smooth new track.

"'Me Time' was such a fun ass song to orchestrate," Odd Couple told Complex over email. "It was amazing because everybody involved with the song wasn't just like 'Damn, this is dope.' They actually were feeling the message and the vibe and helped me bring this idea to life! It's JUST an optimistic expression of being passed a lot of the drama, setbacks, and insecurities that we all face.”

"Me Time" comes from his forthcoming LP Chatterbox, which drops on June 30 via Chicago-based label Closed Sessions and features Joey Purp, Michael Christmas, Allan Kingdom, Alex Wiley, WebsterX and more. Stream it below: