Just a few weeks after lambasting her label on Twitter for refusing to release her latest video because it was shot in Africa, M.I.A. has just announced a new mixtape on Instagram

The mixtape, a twelve-minute affair split up into three tracks, will coincide with a video drop that sounds like the one M.I.A. was harping on her label to release last month. 

Check out the announcement below, which M.I.A. seems to have posted in lieu of  a traditional press release. 


It's real ! here's my press release you know that same time as my label .

A photo posted by MIA (@miamatangi) on Jun 8, 2015 at 3:45pm PDT

The only other info we have about the project at this point seems to have come in the form of that rant last month in which she put her label on blast for refusing to release a video spotlighting an African dancer.