Meek Mill just shared a very touching letter to his son ahead of Father's Day this weekend. In the letter, which appeared in Time Magazine, Meek talks about wanting to give his son the life he never had as a kid, while also pointing out that the last thing he wants to do is end up disappointing him. "I love my son with all my heart, and I would do anything for him. It’s a crazy feeling knowing that I will help him become a great man," Meek wrote.

A big part of the letter features Meek touching on how he didn't have a strong father figure in his life growing up, and because of that, he wants to make each moment with his son special and important. "Growing up without a father made me realize just how special time is with my son and how much of an impact I can have on his life," Meek said. "There are so many single mothers out there struggling to fill both roles, raising their families all by themselves." You can read Meek's full letter to his son here