Lolawolf had us all with the release of 2014's Calm Down, revisiting the album recently with Miley Cyrus in the video for "B*tch" and a Dope feature on the highly-regarded movie's soundtrack. Not to mention bound for glory lead singer Zoë Kravitz covering our April/May issue this past spring. Now members Zoë, Jimmy Giannopoulos and James Levy are following up the album with their latest EP Everyf*ckinday. Including the previously released title track, the five original songs deliver dauntless tributes to youth with trap-ridden beats and relentless synths in a pungent mix of tropical revelry that seeps out of its pores. In a recent interview with Vibe, the trio explain "The plan was what you hear. For this one, our minimal approach and the brattiness punch was translated appropriately." It all makes for one intoxicating release that can easily soundtrack Everyf*kinday of your summer.

Personal  highlights include the glitch-ridden "Normally I Get It" and floor-sliding frisk of "Risky Business." Produced all by member Jimmy Giannopoulos, listen to Everyf*kinday below or download it for free at

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