From his landmark full-length with Madlib to his more recent linking with Bishop NehruDOOM has released some serious collaborations through the years. And yet, for a long time there's been an elusive project that gets fans excited every couple years but never seems to materialize: DOOMSTARKS, a long-rumored collaboration between DOOM and Ghostface Killah

Earlier this year we got some more clues that point to the thing actually panning out, namely, DOOM featuring on the latest Ghostface record and then news that the two would release a free single as a part of Adult Swim's free music program this summer. Now, there's more promises of new music, and this time it will be premiered live. 

This October, the three-day long III Points Festival in Miami will feature a performance from Ghostface Killah and DOOM, but the masked rapper will appear  "from the other side of time, on a live screen," according to a recent press release. What exactly that means is unclear, but another tidbit hints at a hologram, saying, "transported Star Trek-style directly onto the III Points Festival stage" the performance "will bring a one-of-a-kind, interactive performance." And as for that new music, the press release also promises a live debut of something from that DOOMSTARKS ​album.