DCF loves pop music. The Toronto-based singer/songwriter crafts addictive hooks that are equal parts Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean, but he’s not afraid to delve into the recesses of his brain to access forgotten boyband inflections and ‘90s R&B harmonies. If it’s any indication, his most recent EP is called Pop Songs, and his latest single is a rom-com homage called “John Cusack.”

Since DCF is such a big fan of all things pop, we decided to send him to the Much Music Video Awards. Dressed to impress in a bucket hat and a Pokemon t-shirt, DCF treks all the way from his apartment in Chinatown to the MMVA red carpet, where he weirds out Adam Lambert, befriends P Reign, makes Ed Sheeran think he’s a dick, and tries to get Winnie Harlow to date him. Check out the highlights above.