Remember when Jay Z sent his intrepid cousin to Nigeria to discover new musical talent? On some Making The Band shit? Well, seeing as how Afropop singer Davido has been popping for a few years now and already has a native toehold in the U.S., Jay maybe could've dug a little closer to home before booking that flight. Davido just released a new single and music video featuring Meek Mill, and the shit is sublime.

What's funny—and yeah, disappointing—is that Davido's single, "Fans Mi," featuring Meek is immediately hotter than any of Meek's own recent singles, even "B Boy," which I nonetheless continue to bump at the gym and whatnot. Alas, even the "Fans Mi" music video is hotter than the "B Boy" music video. Meek might have to finesse this song onto his sophomore album somehow. (What's also funny is the 3:00 mark of the music video, when Meek shouts out "West Side, Africa.")

Here you'll see Meek and Davido rocking all white as several women throw cocaine and American dollars around. It's a daily operation.