Chance the Rapper just released information about the number of first-week downloads Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment scored with their big debut last week and the news is all good. Since Surf is a free iTunes offering the downloads won't land the group on the album sales charts but that doesn't deter from the fact that the project is definitely making an impact. 

According to a Tweet Chance let fly earlier today, Surf has clocked 618,000 full-out downloads and more than 10.1 million single track downloads. For reference, and obviously he wasn't giving the album away, A$AP Rocky's #1 debut sold 116,000 copies last week and was streamed more than 25 million times. It's tough to fairly compare the numbers from a free iTunes download to a more traditional retail offering, but it's safe to say Chance and gang have a hit on their hands. And if you haven't caught up on the Surf buzz yet, Chance also announced that there's no need to rush as the album will remain on the platform for free forever.