Here's Another Leaked Rich Homie Quan Song Where He Raps About Raping a Woman

This is turning into a disturbing trend.

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For the second time in two months, a Rich Homie Quan song has leaked on which he raps about raping a woman, again. On the track "Day 1," Quan raps, "Mansion full of bitches, about to rape one (I'ma f**k these hoes)," which is even more direct than his lyrics on the previous leaked song. These new lyrics are actually part of the hook so they're repeated throughout the song. 

After the first song leaked, Quan went on a mini media run to apologize for the lyrics and claimed that he was young and the song was never meant to be released. Whether this new song, which sounds more finished than the other, was supposed to be out or not, this is a pretty disturbing trend with Quan's music, and saying they were "never meant to be put out" doesn't negate the intent of the lyrics. You can listen to the song here

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