Though Yeezus's appearance earlier this week at the Golden Thimble Fashion Show at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College absorbed a predictably large amount of press, a god of a different sort imparted some equally press-worthy wisdom to a group of decidedly Based listeners at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Marking his second UCLA lecture, Lil B opened the expectedly inspirational proceedings with a quotable line so brilliant, he was forced to repeat it for emphasis. "It's an honor to be you," Lil B tells the UCLA congregation, "so make sure you care. It's an honor to be you, so make sure you care! Real talk." Of course, Lil B's lecture — over an hour long and worth every second of your time — consists of not a single wasted word or a thought unexplored.

Thankfully, a YouTube hero uploaded footage of the entire lecture (see above). In addition to experimental thoughts on individuality, government, and money — Lil B also provided some truly insightful ideas surrounding the ever-changing face of language in the modern world:

"If somebody spells a word wrong or they say something wrong, it’s my job as a receiver to decipher. I’m always working to decipher communication, because sometimes people are embarrassed. Somebody might put you down or something. I can speak for myself: Everybody’s always trying to correct me, my spelling."

As always — thank you, Based God.